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The entrepreneurial spirit is undeniable. It’s a natural personality trait, a way of being and of operating. It’s as hard to shake-off as it is to succeed. What happens when the relentless entrepreneur shifts and finds themselves as employee instead of self-employed? Does the organization’s risk pay off? I am studying this dynamic as I have found myself within this very scenario. Starting a business right out of college was fairly unique in my day (just a little under 10 years ago), but it’s ever more common now with the surge of entrepreneurial incubators and the resources of the start-up community. I never imagined myself being anything other than running my own business. But things change.

My blog documents the journey and learnings of a young woman who shifted from entrepreneur to employee. Select companies have successfully harnessed the power and the spirit of the entrepreneur within their organization. I will explore which companies are succeeding and the tactics toward this success. Can the entrepreneur be fulfilled within the organization as well as they could be on their own? Join my study and join my journey.


ABOUT KRISTIN: Kristin Dudley is a graduate of Drexel University with a major in Fashion Design, and is a current graduate student of the University of Pennsylvania studying Organizational Dynamics.

In 2006 Kristin launched LympheDIVAs, medically correct compression apparel for breast cancer survivors suffering from Lymphedema. After Kristin’s business partner lost her own fight with breast cancer, Kristin continued the business alongside her partner’s family. Soon, Kristin made the difficult decision to separate from her partners, and started another business within the women’s wellness industry. With little success, and the pressing need to change paths, Kristin joined the UX & Product Design team at Comcast. After a quick three years managing and growing within UX, Kristin found holes in the team’s recruitment strategy. After a passion-fueled investigation into the challenges the organization faced in regards to attracting top talent, Kristin joined the company’s Talent Acquisition team. At Comcast, she has felt enabled to operate as an “intrapreneur”. It has been exciting, but also full of important lessons.

Her graduating Capstone, “The Entrepreneur & The Organization”, is being composed alongside of this blog.


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