I was 24 when my business partner died.

That’s not where my story begins – or ends – but it’s poignant, and important, because what I learned leading up to that day and what I have learned since is why I’m writing today. Eight years later (whoa – 8?!), I am at the VERY beginning of writing my graduate school capstone which explores the “entrepreneur and the organization”. What does that mean?

Honestly, the answer today is, I don’t know. My intention is to capture the experiences of individuals who have transitioned from self-employed to gainfully-employed (as I have done). I plan to uncover how the entrepreneur can accept the idea of joining an organization, becoming an “intrapreneur”, while exposing why the organization should consider the entrepreneurial candidate. I have so many questions, and so much to do. Where to begin? And so I started this blog…

With a 100-page research paper on my to do list, what am I doing writing this blog? Sister, this girl needs an outlet! Academic writing is ROUGH. This exploration is important to me, so I need to not only capture it APA style but I need to pontificate it in my own voice. And yes, “pontificate” seriously just came to mind.

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you an intrapreneur? I’m excited to share this journey with you. Let’s do this.



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  1. Interesting and innovative concept of blog. Really liked it.


  2. I am really excited to read your blog, Dud. The site looks fantastic!


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